Square Enix is working on a new title designed for next generation gaming consoles based on a new job listing.

According to a job listing posted on the Square Enix careers page, the game studio is looking for people to work a “new IP title for HD console.” While the job listing is in Japanese, a rough translation (via Google Translate) reveals that the company is looking for game creators who will work with its team to create a “next-generation action game experience.”

The listing is for Square Enix's First Development Division, the branch that worked on the hit title “Kingdom Hearts III” and is working on the highly anticipated role-playing game, “Final Fantasy VII Remake.” Details at the top of the listing confirms this to be so: a familiar image of Cloud Strife from and antagonist Sephiroth “FFVII Remake” can be seen before the listing blurb.

Games Radar noted that Square Enix restructured its development staff in 2013, splitting everyone into 11 separate divisions that worked independently of each other. The game company, however, has announced that this will change come next year: it will combine all 11 into four divisions so that it will be able to manage its resources well.

The First Development Division, the listing states, will be working on a new title “ that takes a step forward from the existing action game framework. ” The new title will be developed by game creators who have experience in creating “AAA class” titles from various locations around the world. The listing doesn't reveal the game's working title. It neither reveals the game's release window.

What's known as of now, though, is that Square Enix is intent on producing more content for next-generation consoles such as the upcoming PlayStation 5. “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” scheduled for release in March next year, is known to come in several installments.

The first part of “FFVII Remake,” which is the center of much hype at the moment, takes place in Midgar, which is but a fifth of what the original game featured. This means succeeding episodes that take place outside Midgar are likely to be released for next-gen consoles.

Final Fantasy 7 cast
The beloved cast of "Final Fantasy 7" get their much deserved refresh in "Final Fantasy VII Remake." finalfantasy.wikia.com