Captain Marvel's inclusion in Square Enix's "Avengers" game is no secret, but developer Crystal Dynamics hasn't revealed yet if she's a playable character. Her inclusion, however, may have been leaked through the usable image of Kamala Khan's home.

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have released two screenshots of Kamala Khan's home, as per Game Informer. This background can be used by people as video conferencing backgrounds. These images may also seem ordinary upon first glance; from the various posters, though, people can get an idea of how Captain Marvel may look like, given two huge posters of her from among the different heroes.

The poster above the bed shows what she may look like in-game, as the poster to the right side of the bed is from a real-life comic book cover. From what has been revealed of the game – and the story so far – Carol Danvers is not a readily available character. She could be woven into the story as it happens, or she may possibly be inserted into the game as a DLC character.

The presence of games like "Avengers" and even the "Batman: Arkham" series shows how the golden age started by comic book films have seeped into the video game realm. According to CBR, more games should follow this model. As for the "Avengers" game by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, it also shows why game should be following the model set by other games.

Marvel's "Spider-Man" featured such fluid gameplay and a truly immersive background in which Spidey can swing freely. Comic book panels, such as the ones featured in "Ultimate Spider-Man," may be a novelty but they are a good addition.

The teaser featuring the possibility of including Carol Danvers in "Avengers" is a big boost to the game, no doubt. There are other ways of doing it though, as evidenced in games like "Batman: Arkham" and various "Spider-Man" games. Taking this aesthetic can make these games have an identity of their own, kind of like how Marvel's "Avengers" is currently trying to do right now.

Marve'ls Avengers Title Logo
The main title logo for the upcoming game, 'Marvel's Avengers.' Crystal Dynamics