The upcoming “Star Trek” Jean-Luc Picard series that is being developed by Patrick Stewart will be about the next chapter in the life of the popular captain. While it is not yet clear if any of the cast members from “The Next Generation” will appear on the new show, Jonathan Frakes has confirmed in a recent interview that the characters from the older show will be referenced.

Frakes played the role of Commander William Riker in “The Next Generation,” and he has also directed three episodes of the ongoing “Star Trek: Discovery” series. In a recent interview with Deadline, the actor-director was asked about what he knew about the upcoming show about Picard.

The new “Star Trek” show will be a continuation of “The Next Generation.” Frakes said that he has a feeling that the characters from the old show will be a part of the world in the new show, but he also explained that whether or not any of the former cast members will appear will be entirely up to Stewart.

Frakes said that he can’t imagine the world in the new “Star Trek” Picard series where there’s no reference to “The Next Generation.” It isn’t clear if he will have at least a cameo appearance in the new show. The only thing that he knows is that Picard, played by Stewart, is done with being the captain of the ship.

Stewart and Frakes met for a steak dinner a few weeks ago, the latter revealed. The Captain Picard actor is apparently excited like a little kid about the new show he is developing.

According to a report by Screen Rant, Stewart previously confirmed that his character will be seen leading a “radically altered” life. Since he is no longer the captain, it remains to be seen what new role he has chosen for himself. Will he be an admiral? An ambassador? Or will he retire from Starfleet entirely and take up farming?

CBS has also reportedly confirmed that the new “Star Trek” show will be the next chapter in the life of Picard, which will be “different” from what he has done before.

Stewart is not only a cast member and a producer of the new “Star Trek” show, but he is also involved in the writing room. He previously teased a picture of the writer’s room on Twitter that showed all the writers busy developing the first draft of the script.