The untitled “Star Trek” Picard TV series will be filming in California. The decision to film there will not only help the show collect some tax credits, but it is also a familiar place for lead cast member and executive producer Patrick Stewart. The TV series isn’t the only one heading to California, as there are many other projects ready to take advantage of the talent pool there.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the “Star Trek” TV series is getting a $15.6 million tax credit for filming in California, which is second only to the $15.8 million that “The Orville” is getting. The report noted that the show that will see the return of Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard is back home because the “Next Generation” series also filmed in the Los Angeles area.

The announcement is significant because the other show of the franchise, “Star Trek: Discovery,” actually films in Toronto, Canada. California is a familiar place for Stewart because this is where his TV series “Blunt Talk,” in which he was a producer, also filmed.

According to Variety, a total of nine TV shows will be made in California, taking advantage of the Film & TV Tax Credit Program of the state. The total tax credit allocation under this program is said to be $90 million. Apart from “Star Trek,” the other shows that will be made in the state are “Flowers of Helvetica,” “Why Women Kill,” “The Orville,” “Strange Angel,” “American Horror Story,” “Good Trouble,” “Mayans MC” and “The Rookie.”

The California Film Commission made the announcement on Monday. The commission also announced that there are 21 other recurring TV shows that are eligible for the tax credits. These shows are in different stages of production as of this writing.

Very few details about the “Star Trek” Picard series have been announced so far. The script of the show is currently being written, and Stewart is the only confirmed cast member.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Alex Kurtzman teased that the pace of the “Star Trek” series will be different. He said the show will be “reflective” rather than the fast-paced action series like “Discovery,” which he described as a bullet. The Picard series will apparently be a balance between the fast-paced “Discovery” and the pace of “Next Generation.” The show will have its own “rhythm,” Kurtzman said.

Kurtzman didn’t want to reveal too much about “Star Trek” Picard series, but he did tease that it will feel more “real world.” The focus of the show will be about what happened to Picard after “Next Generation.”