Star Wars 1313 is dead, and that’s the way it should be, no matter how pretty the concept art was. The game’s art, directed and conceived by artist Bruno Werneck, has been generating buzz thanks to this year’s Star Wars Day (May 4th), when pining and nostalgia for George Lucas’s brainchild crests.

This year, the canceled Star Wars 1313 has a turn in the rose-colored spotlight. When the Walt Disney Corporation bought LucasArts, the game studio that developed Star Wars video games, they made a few changes. One of those decisions was gutting the LucasArts game development team, which meant that certain projects would be scrapped.

Inevitably, the axe fell on the neck of Star Wars 1313, which had been billed as a “gritty take” on the Star Wars universe. The project was highly anticipated, however; when Disney announced the demise of Star Wars 1313, millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

Now there are stills and concept art photos circulating, once again surfacing the “coulda been a contenda” rueful attitude, series fans shaking their fists at Disney Corp. But despite the beauty of the concept art (every game looks good in the concept art!), it’s for the best that Star Wars 1313 remains canceled. (See above for a slideshow of said concept art.)

Before you call for me to jump into the sarlacc pit, allow me to elucidate: Star Wars 1313 was going to be a boring game. Not a terrible one, but at the very least a disappointing one, not unlike The Force Unleashed 2. What we were going to get was another cover-based third person shooter with lots of explosions

The combat system looked like Mass Effect in a Star Wars skin. It wouldn’t have been genre-defining or especially memorable -- and really, haven’t we had enough poor Star Wars games for a lifetime?

We have enough formulaic shooters already. If we’re going to get a “gritty” Star Wars game (although, let’s be honest -- Disney owns the license now so don’t get your hopes up), why shouldn’t it be more than a me-too third person shooter? A good Star Wars game can set the bar for years to come, like the Knights of the Old Republic and Battlefront lines.

Star Wars 1313 isn’t the game you’re looking for. Go about your business. Move along.