“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” had just about everything — except a bunch of scenes featuring Rey and Finn. The two were separated until the end of the movie, but it doesn’t sound like fans have to worry about them splitting up again.

Actor John Boyega, who plays Finn, told audiences at Awesome Con in Washington, D.C. that while he hadn’t read the “Star Wars: Episode IX” script yet, he had spoken to Rey actress Daisy Ridley.

“I haven’t read the script for Episode 9. But Daisy did shoot me a text saying, ‘Oh my gosh, I just heard from J.J. [Abrams], and we’re back together.’ That’s what I’m really excited about, is Finn and Rey back together again,” Boyega told the audience, according to /Film.

Star Wars Finn
Finn (John Boyega) will stick with Rey in “Star Wars: Episode IX.” Industrial Light & Magic/Lucasfilm

J.J. Abrams is currently writing the third installment of the latest trilogy after Colin Trevorrow (“Jurassic World”) stepped down. Abrams, who helmed “The Force Awakens,” will also direct the movie.

While we don’t know much, it seemed pretty clear at the end of “The Last Jedi” that Finn had a romance with Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran). Expect Finn to keep his relationship with Rey platonic. However, if Boyega had a say, it would be Rey that Finn was locking lips with.

“Finn is the one character, for me, who has a distinct, unique relationship with everybody,” Boyega told /Film last month. “He had this kind of banterous relationship with Han, then he has this loving relationship with Rey. Now with Rose, it feels like he has this great relationship. Personally? Rey. Yeah, Rey.”

Fans have a lot of feelings about who Finn should be with (Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron is a popular choice), but it doesn’t look like any type of fan response will affect “Star Wars: Episode IX.”

IndieWire asked Abrams if he’d change anything based on backlash to certain storylines. He was specifically speaking about storylines that some criticized as too liberal or feminist, but it seems unlikely that Abrams will let any fan outrage influence his script.

“Not in the least,” Abrams said earlier this year. “There’s a lot that I would like to say about it, but I feel like it’s a little early to be having the ‘Episode IX’ conversation … I will say that the story of Rey and Poe and Finn and Kylo Ren — and if you look, there are three men and one woman, to those that are complaining that there are too many women in ‘Star Wars’ — their story continues in a way that I couldn’t be more excited about and cannot wait for people to see.”

“Star Wars: Episode IX” is expected to hit theaters Dec. 20, 2019.