STAR'S TECH ECO-ST is a game-changer in the de-icing industry as a result of its features, which set it apart from the competition and make it revolutionary. The amount of environmental harm caused by the de-icing process in the United States is significant; however, with STAR'S TECH newest invention, the effect on the environment may be minimized to a significant degree thanks to their usage of starfish extract. Starfish play a significant part in the destruction of the aquatic world.


According to the findings of one research, the reef suffered a loss of fifty percent of its coral species between the years 1985 and 2012. In addition to tropical storms and bleaching, the predation of marine life by starfish was also a contributing factor in this reduction.

Pet owners should know that the removed bone chips do not include any potentially harmful ingredients; as a result, you may use the product with complete peace of mind. The porous nature of starfish bone chips allows them to efficiently absorb the very toxic chloride ions and safeguard the environment as a result. To provide a concise explanation of their primary technology, the electrically polarized porous structure is responsible for the absorption of chloride ions, which leads to the establishment of chemical equilibrium. When present in large concentrations, chloride ions are known to be harmful to our environment; nevertheless, porous structures are known to play a vital role in managing chloride ions and protecting our environment from their harmful effects.

The purpose of the porous structure is to lessen the quantity of damaging corrosion inhibitors by one-third, while at the same time greatly increasing the pace at which it inhibits corrosion by 29 times the speed at which road salts do so. It is their belief that it is their duty to inform the public that the use of currently available deicers contributes to a dangerous increase in algal blooms in the aquatic environment, particularly because of the overuse of these products, which eventually become ineffective because of sedimentation or development of micelle and are unable to safeguard the steel surface. Therefore, the porous structure acts as a reservoir for corrosion inhibitors and a release mechanism, therefore protecting the steel in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

The unique bead type and coating used in ECO-ST not only enhanced melting performance but also addressed problems with solidification and respiration. The flake-type granules that are most widely utilized are not as sophisticated as the bead-type granular that ECO-ST has developed. This resulted in exceptional penetration, which enhanced the melting performance by 166% in contrast to that of road salt. In addition to this, it is safe for the paws and respiratory organs of pets to use, and it efficiently allows long-term preservation without becoming solid over time.

Through its outstanding de-icing capability, ECO-ST helps reduce the number of car accidents and the expense of restoring concrete structures including roads, bridges, cars, and guard rails. In addition to preventing catastrophic respiratory disorders and pet paw burns, ECO-ST mitigates harm to street trees by lowering plant yellowing.