Sterling K. Brown has two adorable sons named Andrew, 8, and Amaré, 4, with his wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe. However, he may need to work harder when it comes to impressing them with his career.

When Brown appeared on Monday’s episode of the “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” his kids came up in conversation when they were talking about “Frozen 2.”

Meyers asked if Brown’s kids were impressed by the movie. “Not at all,” Brown responded. “No listen, they are impressed by it. They are not impressed that I’m in it. They love the movie. They love the music of it.”

Brown added that when he asked his kids: “You think daddy did a good job?” his 8-year-old said, “Yeah, you were fine.”  

“Fishing for compliments from your 8-year-old. That’s what I’ve been reduced to,” Brown joked.

Brown voices the character Lieutenant Destin Mattias in Disney’s newest blockbuster movie. “Frozen 2” had made $127 million during its opening weekend domestically and $350.2 million worldwide. The movie is now the highest-grossing debut ever for an animated film.

After discussing his child's disapproval of “Frozen 2,” the two went on to discuss if Brown’s 8-year-old liked it when he played N’ Jobu in Marvel’s “Black Panther.”

“He’s impressed with it,” Brown admitted. “But, here’s a note to the wise. If you take your son to a movie, where the character that plays your son dies, he may have a traumatic effect.”

“He was convulsing. I had to pick him up, sit him on my lap and rock him and tell him it was going to be okay,” Brown added. “…Afterward, when we went to the after-party, he would not leave my side. He was like ‘When are we going home? We’re going together. Until then, I’m not leaving you.’ It was beautiful.”