“Frozen 2” has hit theaters with amazing, record-breaking success. The sequel to the hit 2013 Disney film has earned $127 million domestically and $350 million worldwide in its opening weekend. That is the biggest animated feature film debut in Disney's long, successful history. 

The previous record was held by “Toy Story 4,” the sequel that earned $241 million when it opened in June. Many people are expecting the new sequel to become one of Disney’s many billion-dollar movies this year, according to CNBC

They report that “Frozen 2” will only gain momentum throughout the Thanksgiving weekend and will move on throughout the holiday, likely gathering up over a billion dollars in revenue. It’s on track to surpass some of the other record-breaking Disney films.

Disney has had at least 5 billion-dollar movies this year, with “Captain Marvel,” “Avengers: Endgame,” “Toy Story 4,” “Aladdin,” and “The Lion King.” 

The story of “Frozen 2” picks up just after the events of the first film, where the main characters we’ve come to love--Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven--travel to a far off mystical forest land. 

The first “Frozen” movie only earned $93 million in its original Thanksgiving debut weekend. The impact of that first one was felt far and wide, however, inspiring merchandise for years to come. 

As Seattle Times pointed out, this is a lucrative year for Disney. Aside from the billion-dollar movies they have out now, they also just released their streaming service Disney +, which amassed 10 million users.

Frozen Elsa "Frozen 2" has broken box office records. Photo: Disney