Apple's Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs in his signature black turtleneck. REUTERS/Kimberly White

A highly-anticipated biography about Apple chairman and former CEO Steve Jobs is coming out on Nov. 21. Here is what is known about the book so far.

The book's author is acclaimed biographer Walter Isaacson, who has also written about famous thinker Albert Einstein and political bigwig Henry Kissinger.

Jobs gave Isaacson his blessing to write his life story. Isaacson said that Jobs did not block anyone from speaking to him and he did not demand to read a copy of the book before it was published.

The book was set for a March 2012 release date, but this was moved up to November of this year. Isaacson shot down rumors that the new release date was related to a decline in Jobs' health.

It's actually not related to any decline, Isaacson wrote in an email, CNN reported in August. I turned most of the book in this past June. It's now all done and edited.

The book's front cover will feature a close-up of Jobs and the back cover will feature Steve Jobs circa 1984.

The cover is the Albert Watson portrait taken for Fortune in 2009, Isaacson wrote in an email, CNN reported. The back is a Norman Seeff portrait of him in the lotus position holding the original Macintosh, which ran in Rolling Stone in January 1984. The title font is Helvetica. It will look as you see it, with no words on the back cover.

All kinds of people in Jobs' life were interviewed for this book, including family members, colleagues, friends and foes, and even competitors.

Jobs himself was interviewed by Isaacson more than 40 times over the course of two years.

According to an editorial review on the Barnes and Noble Web site, the biography, which is 448 pages long, will talk about Jobs' early years as a footloose Buddhist and Reed College dropout. It will also delve into Jobs' time at Pixar and NeXT, as well as his departure and return to Apple and the success that came with those famous inventions: the iMac, the iPod, the iPad and iTunes.