Steve Jobs
Apple's Steve Jobs takes the stage to discuss the iCloud service at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco June 6, 2011. REUTERS

Steve Jobs' biological father said in an interview that he regrets putting the recently resigned Apple CEO up for adoption and would like to meet him before he dies.

Abdulfattah John Jandali, a Syrian immigrant who now works as a vice president at a casino in a Reno, Nev., and Joanne Simpson are Jobs' biological parents. But they gave Jobs up because Simpson's father didn't approve of her marrying a Syrian, although the couple did eventually marry and have children after Simpson's father died.

Her father was a tyrant, and forbade her to marry me, as I was from Syria, Jandali told the Daily Mail. I honestly do not know to this day if Steve is aware of the fact that had it been my choice, I would have loved to have kept him.

Recently Learned Jobs Is His Son

Jandali said that he didn't realize Jobs was his son until a few years ago, and since then they have had intermittent e-mail contact. Amidst reports of Jobs' deteriorating health, Jandali said that he would like to speak to Jobs, but he's hesitant to initiate the interaction for fear of appearing opportunistic.

This might sound strange, though, but I am not prepared, even if either of us was on our deathbeds, to pick up the phone to call him,
Jandali told the Daily Mail. Steve will have to do that, as the Syrian pride in me does not want him ever to think I am after his fortune.

'I'd be lying if I said it doesn't sadden me to have not been part of my son's incredible journey, Jandali added. What father wouldn't think that? And I would think that even if he was not the head of a hugely successful company. Now I just live in hope that, before it is too late, he will reach out to me, because even to have just one coffee with him just once would make me a very happy man.