Apple is celebrating the 10th birthday of the Apple Store reportedly with plans for a new era of brick-and-mortar retail.

It's hard to remember a day when a brick-and-mortar store solely dedicated to Apple products didn't exist, but prior to May 15, 2001 that was the case. The first Apple store opened on that day in Tysons Corner, Va and there was no sense telling what would happen. The only other manufacturer to try something similiar was Gateway, which had to close ten percent of its retail stores in 2001 and eventually would shut them all down. Gateway was eventually acquired by Acer.

The same fate would of course never happen to Apple. Today, there are over 300 Apple Stores across the world and Apple claims more than one billion people have visited at least one.

The original Apple Store sold Mac computers and a number of outside products, such as digital cameras from Nikon and non-iPod mp3 players. The Genius Bar was still there, but it was mainly used for PC problems. It also served bottled water, a plan that was scrapped a few months in.

Below is a look at CEO Steve Jobs giving a tour of the first ever Apple Store at the 2001 Macworld.

According to a report from blog 9 To 5 Mac, Apple has plans to unveil The Apple Store 2.0 and usher in a whole era of change. The changes will include changing its signage from paper to digital. Instead of paper signs near products, Apple will display iPads allowing consumers to be interactive.

Additionally, there will be an iOS app for download that will allow for even more interaction. For instance, the app will know which location the user is at. Lastly, every Apple Store will come with a new section called Startup Sessions, where people's gadgets will be activated.

Apple has not confirmed the Apple Store 2.0 plans nor has it done anything yet to commemorate the Apple Store's 10th anniversary.

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Jobs Touring The First Apple Store.