• A crypto streamer surrendered to police authorities
  • He went to Do Kwon's Seoul house on May 12 to talk to the Terraform Labs' CEO
  • He is charged with house trespassing, according to local reports

A Terra investor who lost millions after LUNA and UST crashed earlier this month finally broke his silence and said that all he wanted was to hear directly from the CEO his plans on how to revive the cryptocurrency after its historic collapse wiped out billions, including the life savings of many.

The cryptocurrency streamer who goes by the name Chancers was the man who went to the residence of Terraform Labs' CEO and founder, Do Kwon on May 12. The social media influencer is among the many investors who lost around $2.4 million because of the crypto crash.

Chancers started his journey in cryptocurrency in 2017 and amassed a fortune over the past five years. He eventually invested $800,000 in LUNA, the native token of Terra, which cost him a fortune.

Souvenir tokens representing cryptocurrency Bitcoin plunge into water in this illustration taken May 17, 2022.
Souvenir tokens representing cryptocurrency Bitcoin plunge into water in this illustration taken May 17, 2022. Reuters / DADO RUVIC

"Here in Korea, I was in the top 1 percent in terms of my finances. But thanks to the crash, I'm now in trouble," he shared with BBC News. "I felt like I was going to die," he said, adding that he has lost a lot in just a short time.

As one of the casualties of the crash that started on May 8, the crypto streamer claimed he tried to find Kwon's Seol address online because he wanted to "ask him about his plans for Luna." He claimed, "I suffered a huge loss and wanted to talk to him directly."

Chancers wanted his interaction with the Terraform Labs CEO to be available online as it happens; so he streamed it and at the time, 100 people were watching it on AfreecaTV. He knocked on Kwon's door at around 6:23 p.m. local time and met the CEO's wife who told the crypto streamer that her husband was not around, BBC reported.

Following the incident, the wife contacted the police and asked for protection, The Chosun Ilbo reported. After hearing the news, Chancers surrendered himself to Seoul's Seongdong Police Station where he was questioned and charged with house trespassing.

The social media influencer anticipated he would most likely pay a fine and a blot on his record that might make his life difficult moving forward. "I lost a lot of money and now I'm being investigated by the police. I originally served as a civil servant in Korea - but if I am convicted of this case, I may not be able to return to the civil service again," he said.

"In Korean culture, the problem itself is not important but rather the fact that it caused a scandal. I even had to apologize publicly as a sinner. I had no idea this would be so big. It's very sad," he added.

LUNA was trading up 0.51 percent at $0.0001685 with a 24-hour volume of $559,731,029 as of 2:36 a.m. ET on Wednesday based on the data from CoinMarketCap.