Japanese start-up SpoLive will unveil its new streaming service and its unorthodox, yet unique characteristics at CES 2022. 

The pandemic has damaged many industries around the world, including the worlds of live sports. Many stadiums continue to put restrictions in place as many fans are forced to watch games at home.  

With SpoLive, however, it seems fans confined to their homes can connect with their favorite players, purchase special digital content and goods, and receive special gifts from teams while streaming their favorite sports. 

Fans can cheer on their favorite teams as if they were present at the stadium, from anywhere. The cheering can be seen on the screen of the stadium, introducing a revelation in this two-year-long Covid era by generating a distinctive connection between where the games are being played and people's homes.

“We are excited to introduce this first platform of its kind at CES 2022,” SpoLive CEO Yuhei Iwata said in the company's press release. “SpoLive is a one-stop solution for sports teams that are looking to increase fan engagement and revenue while struggling to fill stadium seats in the Covid-19 era.”

SpoLive is used by various sports organizations across nine different sports, including Japanese professional teams.