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Promotional art for the new 'Street Fighter' board game. Capcom

Two of the characters in the upcoming “Street Fighter V” have received an unusual move to censor some areas in the gameplay. Because of this, the altered scenes have received mixed reactions from fans.

Developer Capcom has already spoken up about its reasons for altering some of the scenes involving fighters Cammy and Rainbow Mika. EventHubs has asked Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren, Director of Brand Marketing & eSports, on how exactly the team is abiding by the alterations.

According to Dahlgren, the changes are not yet final, so fans may expect a few more changes and tweaks along the way. However, he also pointed out one big factor that affects how cuts and tweaks are managed for “Street Fighter V.”

“We work very closely with the ESRB to make sure we’re a Teen rated franchise, and that’s the primary driving factor,” said Dahlgren to EventHubs. To be fair, Capcom is sticking to its Teen rating, which has always been the franchise’s rating since it has been released.

Similarly, as promised, Capcom has also released the new beta dates for the third beta run of “Street Fighter V” this December. The third round will see another worldwide release, with the goal of improving the stability of the servers before the launch date arrives.

Detailed over the official Capcom Blog, the developer announced that both the PS4 and PC versions will part of the beta run. The newest “Street Fighter V” beta will start on Dec. 18 until Dec. 20, which gives fans an entire weekend’s worth of gameplay.

The new beta will have a couple of features such as ranked and casual matches, to cater to competitive players looking for high-stakes plays or casual players who just want to see what they can do in “Street Fighter V.”

There is also a training mode, where players can try their hand at improving their skills. The training will feature a dummy used for the mode, as well as other options and settings that players can tinker with. There is also a leaderboard for rankings, dubbed as the Capcom Fighters Network, from which players can also check see match replays.

Capcom also has another surprise for “Street Fighter V” users. Previously, the only way by which players can attempt to access the beta is by preordering the game. However, this time, Capcom is allowing players to dive into the online mode with friends, even those who have not yet preordered “Street Fighter V.”

“As an additional bonus, every beta test participant will receive a number of beta invite codes via the beta client to share with friends!” said Capcom via its official blog. Considering the extent of the stress test that the latest run is looking at, this may very well be the last time that Capcom will open a beta run for “Street Fighter V” before the launch arrives.

To get the hype rolling, Capcom has released a new trailer for the opening movie in “Street Fighter V.” Seen below, the trailer shows off the Japanese dub of the game alongside a few fight scenes between characters. There are also sneak peeks of the different settings where the fights will take place.

All 16 launch characters featured in the “Street Fighter V” roster can also be seen in the trailer. There’s a good mix of characters, in terms of genders, fighting styles and range, and races.

"Street Fighter V" trailer (Credit: YouTube/CapcomChannel)