At the end of “Suits” Season 6 finale, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) told Harvey (Gabriel Macht) that she wants more. But what did she actually mean by that?

In a recent interview with TV Guide, series creator Aaron Korsh revealed that even Donna has yet to discover what she really meant when she said that she wants more. “Donna has to figure out what that means,” Korsh said. “I think Donna wants more on more than one level but she’s not sure what more she’s going to get, what more she’s going to pursue. She’s not 100-percent sure what it means to her when she says it.”

In the Season 6 finale, Donna asked Louis (Rick Hoffman) to help her and Benjamin (David Reale) patent their Siri-like device called The Donna. Donna and Benjamin were having trouble patenting The Donna because it’s very similar to a preexisting patent, so Louis met with the patent owners expecting that they would reach some kind of deal. That, however, didn’t happen because the patent owners threatened Donna and Benjamin with a $90 million lawsuit if they try to go forward with the patent.

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Although Louis failed to find a way to patent The Donna, the lawyer did get Donna a major buyout. But that’s not enough for her. “I don’t want the money. I want something more, and I’ve never said that out loud, but I can’t pretend that I don’t anymore,” Donna said before tearfully leaving Harvey’s office.

Although Donna said that she doesn’t want the money, Korsh revealed to Entertainment Weekly  that Harvey’s secretary is actually going to use that money in the upcoming season. “We don’t explicitly say this in the episode, but she got money from getting bought out by that business [in last season], and she’s going to use that money to further her career in some form or fashion that we’ll find out early on,” Korsh said.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph on the Toronto set of the legal drama earlier this month, Rafferty said that Donna’s storyline in the new season will be an inspiration for women to stand tall in their power. “[It] is pretty gratifying right now, especially in the current political environment, and we’re going to continue on that journey with her this season,” said Rafferty.

“Suits” Season 7 premieres tonight at 9 p.m. EDT on USA Network.