The 2013 Super Bowl saw the broadcast of various trailers for forthcoming films. While some successfully heightened anticipation for upcoming flicks others were short on thrills.

Here’s a look at five trailers that aired during Sunday's big game.

“Fast & Furious 6”

Release Date: May 24, 2013

It’s no surprise that Universal has chosen to release another “Fast and the Furious” flick.

The average gross of a “Fast and Furious” installment is currently $139 million. “Fast Five,” which took in $209 million domestically, is the highest-grossing installment in the franchise.

The premiere of “Fast & Furious 6” features a rouge army tank, a car driving through an exploding plane, and of course high-speed chases. It also shows that Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Ludacris, The Rock, Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese are all back.

“Iron Man 3”

Release Date: May 3, 2013

Based on the success of the first two “Iron Man” films and last year’s “The Avengers,” there’s no denying that “Iron Man 3” has a built-in audience. Yet the trailer for the film that debuted on Sunday may have persuaded non-fans to check out the Robert Downey Jr. flick.

The self-referential TV spot for “Iron Man 3” show’s Tony Stark’s headquarters being destroyed in an exposition and a “Dark Knight Rises”-style plane disaster. Audiences were also treated to a glimpse of Don Cheadle as the War Machine and Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin.

Thankfully, the Super Bowl trailer far outshone an earlier teaser released in 2012.


“Star Trek Into Darkness”

Release Date: May 17, 2013

As the villain Khan, “Sherlock” star Benedict Cumberbatch takes up much of the “Star Trek Into Darkness” promo. The TV spot shows that the J.J. Abrams film has a far more dramatic tone than its predecessor “Star Trek.”  It also gives little away, assuring that legions of Trekkies have been left wanting more.

“The Lone Ranger”

July 3, 2013

The trailer doesn’t include much that audiences didn’t see in the first two promos for the film, and unfortunately, it makes the film look rather cartoonish for some tastes. Depp’s outrageous interpretation of the title character doesn’t offer much of a contrast to the eccentric roles he typically plays, but we are happy to see “The Social Network” scene-stealer Armie Hammer in a leading-man role, even though there is only one of him this time.

 “World War Z”

June 20, 2013

The “World War Z” promo that aired during the game is pretty much the same trailer shown in theaters. The film is based on the 2006 book “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War,” which takes place during the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Based on the trailer, it’s clear that the film chronicles the actual outbreak but doesn't explore very deeply what happens after -- leaving some fans of the novel disappointed.

Furthermore, the action drama is heavy on CGI, making the hordes of undead flesh eaters appear less threatening -- and less authentic.