super mario run for ios android
Super Mario Run will be an iOS exclusive first before becoming arriving on Android. Nintendo still has yet to reveal the release date for Super Mario Run for Android.   Nintendo

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run was the company’s first major push on mobile devices and now, the smartphone game is seeing a new feature.

Super Mario Run launched an easy mode in an update to the game Tuesday. In this simplified version of the main campaign, players will be able to explore levels easily without a time limit. Along with the easy mode update, Nintendo added additional adjustments to Super Mario Run’s Toad Rally time trial mode that make it easier to collect Toads.

The news came alongside earnings news from Nintendo. In its release, Nintendo disclosed sales and download figures for Super Mario Run. While the game benefited from impressive download figures thanks to its publicized launch, breaking the 78 million download mark, the mobile game’s basic features in its free version slightly depressed its sales figures. Most of the single-player campaign is unavailable in the free version of Super Mario Run. As a result, the game had just 5 percent of users purchase the game.

While Super Mario Run has been a relatively strong success story for Nintendo, the company has traditionally taken a conservative approach to mobile platforms. Outside of brief one-off releases like the Sims-esque Miitomo, Nintendo previously turned most of its attention to its consoles and handheld mobile audience. This approach has been in stark contrast to related properties like the Pokémon series. Along with last summer’s mobile sensation Pokémon Go, the company released the free mobile strategy game Pokémon Duel in late January.

Similarly, Nintendo now plans on making additional entries to the mobile gaming space. The Google Android version of Super Mario Run is slated to be released in March and Fire Emblem: Heroes will drop for Apple iOS and Google Android users Thursday.