Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) stars in the newest “Believe Me” teaser from “Lucifer” Season 2. FOX

“Supergirl” fans attending San Diego Comic-Con have their plans set. Warner Bros. will premiere the show at their annual preview night on Wednesday, July 8.

Fans of the DC Comics superhero might line up hours in advance of the 6 p.m. screening in Ballroom 20 at the San Diego Convention Center. Actress Melissa Benoist, who plays Supergirl, said she already feels the pressure to make a good show that lived up to fans’ expectations.

“Of course I do [feel pressure], but not in a negative way,” she told Variety last month. “I’m not necessarily a person who works well under pressure. But in this situation, I am so excited about it. I’m not going to let myself doing anything less than what I think people will want to see.”

Only a lucky few will get into the preview night, but they’ll be treated to a screening of several shows from Warner Bros. Television, according to Entertainment Weekly. In addition to CBS’ “Supergirl,” pilots for NBC’s “Blindspot,” Fox’s “Lucifer” and the CW’s “Containment” will also air.

“Blindspot,” NBC's new crime drama, stars “Thor” actress Jaimie Alexander as a woman with no memory. She wakes up in Times Square and the FBI can’t figure out her identity. However, they quickly realize that all of the tattoos on her body are crimes that need to be solved.

“Lucifer” is a new dramedy from Fox that follows the devil as he abandons Hell. However, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) might be on the path to redemption. He has the power to make people tell the truth and decides to help a local cop, Chloe (Lauren German), find the bad guys. He also wants to know why Chloe is immune to his powers. The show is based on the “Lucifer” comics by Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg and Neil Gaiman.

Containment” is “Vampire Diaries” executive producer Julie Plec’s latest drama for the CW. No vampire or werewolves seem to be involved, but it does involve a strange virus that contaminates a town. Once officials realize there is no treatment for the dangerous, deadly virus, they decide to quarantine the town. No one can get in, and no one can get out.

Since the story of Superman’s cousin is the most well-known, it’s likely that fans will have to watch the three other pilots before seeing the “Supergirl” Season 1 premiere. Those who miss the Wednesday night premiere event will have another chance to see the pilot on Saturday at the WB’s Superhero Saturday Night panel in Hall H at 8 p.m. PDT, according to TV Line.

For those without a golden ticket to San Diego Comic-Con, “Supergirl” will premiere on Monday, Oct. 26, on CBS. The other shows do not have air dates scheduled yet.