On Monday, Netflix announced in a tweet that episodes of "Supermarket Sweep" are now available to watch on the streaming service. The iconic '90s game show, which featured various contestants running through the aisles in order to win cash prizes, has maintained a steady following since the Al Howard-created program premiered in 1965. For fans who are curious about the history of the grocery competition, here's a look back at how "Sweep" evolved over the years.

According to Today, the original run of the show in the '60s only lasted for two years. It was later picked up by Lifetime in 1990, where it ran between 1990 to 1995. From there, the David Ruprecht-hosted show moved to Pax and continued on from 1999 to 2003. Even though the U.S. version has not aired new episodes for nearly two decades, international versions have found success in the subsequent years and one currently airs in the U.K. 

The version that many associate with the name "Supermarket Sweep" is quite different than the original one, however. In the network version that ran from 1965-67, a few key differences set it apart from the game that would later appear on Lifetime and Pax. While the later shows were all filmed in one central location, early episodes were filmed at various Food Fair stores throughout the New York City area and it was described as "the TV game show that travels to your hometown and lets you run wild through your supermarket," as stated by MeTV

Additionally, men were designated to be the ones who ran around the store while women answered questions regarding prices. At the end of the competition, the winning team would then get to keep what they earned and be eligible to return for the next episode.

Over the years, "Supermarket Sweep" secrets have also emerged surrounding what it was really like on the set of the game show, including the fact that the store was, in actuality, relatively small. "It looks huge, but it's small," Former constant Mike Futia once revealed according to Mashed, adding, "Even in the aisles, you had to be careful if you and your cameraman were running and another group was coming down that aisle." 

As for U.S. fans, "Saturday Night Live" alum Leslie Jones has been working on a reboot for ABC, but the premiere date remains unknown at this time. 

"Supermarket Sweep" episodes are currently streaming on Netflix

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