iFixIt has torn down the new Surface Book, and what it found is not good news. The gadget repair blog has given the 2-in-1 hybrid a reparability rating of 1 out of 10. That's one point less than the Surface Pro 4 -- and means the new laptop is just as painful to repair as previous entries in the Surface line.

The device is the first laptop Microsoft has made. Expectations are high, as the company has gone to great lengths to stress the craftsmanship that went into getting the device into the best shape possible. The screen detaches, transforming into a laptop and demonstrating Windows 10's flexibility. Unfortunately, some of the design choices seem to have impacted repairability.

Processor and RAM are unlikely to see upgrades, as both come soldered to the motherboard. The solid state drive and battery can be replaced in theory, but the large amounts of glue used to keep the battery in place could make that tricky. Many of the components are either glued firmly in place or are difficult to reach.

This doesn't necessarily mean fixing the device is out of the question. In fact, Microsoft's recent moves in the retail space suggest the company is looking to take a more Apple-like approach to customer relations. The Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City has staff on hand to help fix any Windows 10 machine. It's the sort of integrated experience Apple excels at, where the store that sells the product provides detailed support when needed.