Just after a few hours after Disney+ was officially launched, countless accounts were hacked and taken over by hackers. The Walt Disney Company

According to a new survey, the launch of Disney+ later in 2019 could result in a wave of subscriber cancelations for Netflix.

The survey, conducted by Streaming Online, polled 602 current Netflix users to get an early idea of how Disney+ could affect Netflix. It found that 12.3 percent of current Netflix users “might cancel Netflix and get Disney+”. If that percentage pans out to the larger user base, Netflix could lose around 8.7 million users to Disney+ in the fall.

In a separate survey, it was found that 37.5 percent, or 2 out of 5 Netflix users, will try Disney+ when it comes out.

The survey was conducted on the heels of Disney unveiling the streaming service proper in April. Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed the service will be available for $6.99 per month and even hinted at the possibility of discount bundles with ESPN+ or Hulu.

The service won’t be short on content, either. Disney+ will feature all the Disney content that fans would expect, from classic animated fair to the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s not to mention all the films and shows the service will have as a result of Disney’s buyout of 20th Century Fox.

Disney has also been investing heavily in original content, with the Star Wars-based “The Mandalorian” releasing in November. Marvel has also announced several shows set in the MCU starring Loki, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch.

Disney is currently projecting to reach 60 to 90 million Disney+ subscribers within the first five years.