A first look video of the highly anticipated “Star Wars” live-action TV series “The Mandalorian” was released during the Celebration event. The sizzle reel hasn’t been officially released online yet, but a video of the footage has leaked online. Meanwhile, the cast members and the producers have teased details about the show during their interactions with the fans at the event.

The sizzle reel video teased some scenes from the upcoming TV series, giving the fans a glimpse of some of the sets and sequences featured on the show. Executive producer Jon Favreau and lead cast member Pedro Pascal shared some insights about the plot and the setting.

“The Mandalorian” TV series is set five years after the events in the film “Return of the Jedi.” The story follows Pascal’s character, who is a gunfighter and a bounty hunter. He is a part of the underworld that flourishes in the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Favreau confirmed that the series will introduce new planets, new species and new starships. While the show will introduce new elements, it will still be familiar and “connected,” according to the producer.

Among the familiar elements on the show will be a jet pack that Pascal’s character will get to use at some point. Executive Producer Dave Filoni said that the show will feel “gritty” and “real,” while Pascal called it an “adventure.”

Among the star cast members of the show is “Rocky” actor Carl Weathers. During an interaction with the fans, the veteran actor teased that his character is a businessman. Apparently, Weathers’ character Grief Carga hires bounty hunters, and he will hire Pascal’s Mandalorian for an important and very lucrative job.

During the panel discussion about “The Mandalorian,” Pascal said that his character is a “mysterious,” lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy. The actor also added that the protagonist has a “questionable moral character.”

New planets and species to be introduced in "The Mandalorian."