Host Jeff Probst (right) extinguishes Abi-Maria Gomes's (left) torch in episode 13 of "Survivor: Second Chance." CBS

In episode 13 of "Survivor: Second Chance," Abi went home after Spencer decided to stick with Jeremy, Tasha and Kimmi instead of flipping and blindsiding Tasha with Kelley and Keith. However, even if Spencer had flipped, Abi sealed her fate by voting for Keith -- the only vote for Keith at tribal council. Abi took to to Twitter after her elimination in the episode to explain her odd move to fans.

During the episode, Jeremy, Tasha, Kimmi and Abi made a pact while Kelley, Keith and Spencer were on a reward trip to vote out Keith to eliminate him as a threat in challenges. However, later Jeremy and Tasha decided that Abi could not be trusted and needed to be sent home instead. Meanwhile, on the reward trip, Spencer, Kelley, and Keith decided to blindside Tasha, bringing Abi into the loop for the big move. It seemed that the sides were set and it would all come down to Spencer as the swing vote. The plan to vote for Keith seemed like old news -- apparently not. Abi told fans on Twitter she thought Jeremy, Tasha, and Kimmi were still voting for Keith and she had decided to stick with that alliance -- unpredictable as always!

Well, that explains that. Although, the episode did not show too much by way of Spencer or Kelley convincing Abi to vote for Tasha, so fans are left to wonder what may have gone on behind-the-scenes that she was not on board. In any case, Kelley is not happy that Spencer flaked on their blindside scheme. She compared the betrayal to Stephen Fishbach's blindside in episode 11.

Kelley also paid tribute to her fellow "witch."

So, who is Abi rooting for now -- and possibly voting for, since she now takes her spot on the jury? That would be Kelley, of course.

Who will win "Survivor: Second Chance"? Fans will just have to wait to find out. The only episode remaining is the big season finale! "Survivor" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.