SwiftKey, the popular alternative keyboard for Android smartphones, is now available in version 4.3. Currently the top paid Android app in over 58 countries, SwiftKey version 4.3 includes several new layouts to improve typing on several different screen sizes, including a thumb keyboard for two-handed typing on Android tablets.

SwiftKey 4.3 is a free update for users who bought previous versions, and allows Android users to resize or undock their keyboard. When undocked, SwiftKey 4.3 allows users to customize its screen position.

The three keyboard layouts include a compact version for phablets, making it easier to input text when holding the phone with one hand. The thumb layout is for landscape mode typing on phones and tablets. SwiftKey 4.3 also includes the standard layout, and Android tablet users can opt for an extended layout that more closely resembles a standard keyboard.

SwiftKey 4.3 essentially combines the standard version of SwiftKey with the later release of SwiftKeyX. SwiftKey costs $3.99, and has over 200,000 five-star reviews on Google Play.