Signage for a T-Mobile store is pictured in downtown Los Angeles, Aug. 31, 2011. Reuters

T-Mobile will allow subscribers to connect their phone number for use on to other electronic devices, such as PCs, wearables, and other smartphones, with a new service, called Digits. The service goes live May 31, T-Mobile announced Thursday.

Digits has been in beta since late 2015 but the service is now ready for its debut. Digits is similar Google Voice, allowing users receive phone calls and texts from more than one phone number on a single device. This allows users to have a professional and private number, for example, without having to carry two phone numbers.

These are just a few of several use cases the service employs. Digits let's wireless subscribers be flexible with how they communicate across devices. Users can even port an old landline number to a Digits account, according to T-Mobile COO, Mike Sievert

For a limited time, T-Mobile One and T-Mobile One Plus International subscribers can get a free Digits line on their account for talk and text. Subscribers can visit a T-Mobile store or call 1-855-472-9783 to have a Digits line added to their account. Additional Digits lines cost $10 per month.

To unlock Digits on a smartphone, a user must access their T-Mobile App and select unlock in the Usage and Plans section. Users must also download the Digits app to access services, such as sharing the number across devices.

Digits is compatible with iOS 9 or later and Android Android 5.0 via the Digits app as well as on PC or Mac via a Chrome or Firefox browser. Samsung devices from the Galaxy S6 on and LG devices from the LG G5 on support Digits natively.