Telecommunications giant T-Mobile is unveiling a $10 a month live TV service, as consumers cut costs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. TVision Vibe offers over 30 channels of live and on-demand content including Comedy Central, AMC, Discovery and BET.

The company is also offering TVision Live, a more expensive option featuring news and sports. The $40 a month package includes channels such as ABC, FOX, NBC, Turner, and ESPN.

The services will be available for T-Mobile customers starting on Sunday. Legacy Sprint customers can access the services later in November.

These T-Mobile services run on an app available on both phones and TVs.

T-Mobile appears to be entering a fierce and growing competition with YouTube TV, Sling TV, and Hulu Plus TV.

Demand for streaming services and other digital entertainment has skyrocketed during the pandemic. A study from Hub found 28% of consumers reported signing up for at least one new streaming service from February to August.