T-Mobile has developed a new service that helps drivers restrict themselves from attending to calls and sending texts messages when they are driving, ANI has reported.

The app, named DriveSmart Plus, automatically disables most texting and calling features when a phone senses that it is in motion, says the report.

The application that costs $4.99 per month will be available to T-Mobile customers with Android smartphones.

Here’s how ANI explains the way the app works:
When activated, the DriveSmart application determines how quickly a phone is switching between cell phone towers. When it senses that the phone is moving faster than 10 mph, within a few minutes, it automatically sends phone calls to voicemail or a hands-free Bluetooth headset (depending on which version the customer selects). It sends text messages to a user's inbox.

However, the app allows for certain flexibilities. The users can opt to override the security feature if they want to take an emergency call or they can also disable the feature if they are in the passenger seat.