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T-Mobile customers will be pleased to know that the mobile network has increased the mobile hotspot limits for its unlimited data plans, meaning users now have more data available for mobile tethering.

T-Mobile established its “Simple Choice” non-contract plans earlier this year, which included 500MB of Smartphone Mobile HotSpot service for its unlimited data option. As of Tuesday, T-Mobile has increased that limit to 2.5GB of its SMHS, while the price of the unlimited plan remains the same at $70. As per T-Mobile’s plan, customers essentially pay $50 for unlimited talk, text and Web, and $20 for unlimited data with 2.5GB of SMHS. The change was first discovered by TMO News.

This is a pretty sweet deal for T-Mobile users on the unlimited data plans, especially since the carrier offers other unlimited options. T-Mobile offers tiers of unlimited data with SMHS, which will also see an upgrade in mobile hotspot limits with no increase in price. Customers who were paying $30 per month for 2.5GB of SMHS will now receive 4.5GB, while those who were paying $40 per month for 4.5GB will now receive 6.5GB of SMHS for device tethering through USB or Wi-Fi.

For a clearer idea, this is the new structure of T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans.

Unlimited data w/ 2.5GB of SMHS: $20/month

Unlimited data w/ 4.5GB of SMHS: $30/month

Unlimited data w/ 6.5GB of SMHS: $40/month

Customers currently on the $30 and $40 plans will automatically have their data migrated to 4.5GB and 6.5GB respectively on Sept. 14. Those on the $20 plan; however, won’t be migrated automatically and will receive the option to upsell as they approach their tethering data limit.

Some pundits are criticizing T-Mobile for doing away with the 500MB option and not offering it as an option for less than $20; however, it appears that customers who don’t get close to the 500MB tethering limit won’t be prompted to upsell and should essentially save money. Those currently on the 500MB limit can also request the upgrade by contacting T-Mobile.

Do you think the increased mobile hotspot limits for T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans will be a benefit to customer? Let us know in the comments below.

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