Apple Supply Chain Suicides and Amazon Review Scams: Tech's Five Dirtiest Secrets

Just because people love shiny electronic gizmos doesn't mean they should be kept in the dark about some technology firms' practices, and the recent spate of suicides among Chinese factory workers in Apple's supply chain are only one example. While many factories, even in the U.S., expose their workers to dangerous conditions and poor salaries, the tech world is now inundated with stories about Amazon scammers, Facebook clickjackers, SOPA, PIPA and Google+ privacy concerns.

Viadeo vies for Arab expansion with Moroccan branch

Viadeo, the world's second-biggest online networking site for professionals after LinkedIn, said on Friday it had opened a regional branch in Morocco as it seeks to expand its presence in the increasingly-wired Arab world.

Facebook Timeline: 10 Ways to Reverse the Changes

Many don't like Facebook's new changes in Timeline, and luckily, there are a slew of solutions to revert the social network to the way it was. Delete your News Ticker, revert your News Feed, and get your old chat back with these great add-ons and extensions.

Why Twitter's Jack Dorsey Isn't Worried About Google Plus, Facebook [VIDEO]

At the 2012 DLD Conference in Munich, Germany, one of the founders of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, spoke in detail about Twitter's primary capabilities as well as some of their goals for the year. Dorsey also spoke briefly about his newest venture, Square, which allows merchants to accept credit cards on their mobile phones.

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace Devs Fix Google Search Results

Focus on the User--a group of developers from Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other social networking sites--has created a bookmarklet that can be added to any web browser and adds Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, Tumblr, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Myspace, among other social networks to Google search results. The service was built as a proof of concept that social content could be added to Google's search results.

Virus Infections Stop after Suspects Named

One of the most common sources of computer intrusions has stopped infecting new machines after security researchers working with Facebook released the names of five suspected ringleaders.

Quantum Leap Sees Gold in Mining Social Media Data

He has helped the military predict where bombs will go off and worked with law enforcement to fight crime, but now Quantum Leap Innovations CEO Joseph Budner Elad wants to use his technology to help consumers


A computer worm dubbed Ramnit is believed to have stolen about 45,000 Facebook login credentials, a digital security firm has warned.

Malware Steals Over 45,000 Facebook Passwords

A computer worm dubbed Ramnit is believed to have stolen about 45,000 Facebook login credentials, a digital security firm has warned. The stolen data have been taken largely from Facebook accounts in UK and France, the security firm Seculert said.
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Top 10 Tech Themes for 2012

Robert W. Baird said its technology team has identified ten key themes that it expects to drive investment opportunities in 2012, across a range of technology verticals.