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Zynga (ZNGA) Stock Price Jumpstarted By Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Comments

In his first public appearance following his social media company's disastrous IPO in May, Mark Zuckerberg's address at Tuesday's TechCrunch Disrupt helped boost the shares price of Facebook's (Nasdaq: FB) close partner Zynga (Nasdaq: ZNGA), which has retained its prominence on the social network's app marketplace despite continuing financial woes and a seemingly endless round of executive departures. Zynga reached a recent stock high in mid-morning morning trading on Wednesday, f...

Does The FBI’s Looming Biometric Database Bring Big Brother Closer?

The FBI's Next Generation Identification would use photographs and biometric data to help law enforcement entities nationwide identify "persons of interest." If NGI's early stages are any indication of where it's heading, privacy advocates and ordinary citizens are right to fear it.

The End Of Pop Culture: What Eastwooding Tells Us About The Future Of Media

From Charlie Sheen's public unraveling to Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comment, the most recognizable pop-culture trends in recent years have come from the real-life folly of the public sphere. That's a far shift, media experts say, from the days when a one-size-fits-all monoculture was produced on Hollywood sound stages and back lots.

Twitter, Social Networking Influence Put to Ultimate Test in Ultrabook Race

Intel's Ultrabook Race is the very first race that will put your social networking prowess to the test. Twitter influence will be put to play as four contestants battle for social networking supremacy as they run through the urban jungles of Moscow and Sydney searching for clues and their followers and friends on Twitter and their other social networks aid them in their quest.

Twitter Bolsters Search Function To Stay Relevant Amidst Competition

When its partnership with Google for news search expired July 1, social networking site Twitter did not have any counter plan to pull out the latest tweets for real-time news it is hugely popular for. To revive its search results and improve its search functionality for latest tweets on breaking news, Twitter announced enhancements to the search function on its interface July 6.

iCloud Beta Adds New Web Apps: Apple Preps For iOS 6, Mountain Lion Release Dates

Slowly but surely, Apple's operating systems are converging, but bonding these two separate systems together would be impossible without iCloud. On Monday, Apple introduced two new additions to the iCloud Beta portal for iOS 6 developers, including the Notes and Reminders apps, before it releases Mountain Lion this month and iOS 6 this fall.