Ice Cream Sandwich: Hints, Tips and Tricks

Google's new Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Android mobile operating system has dozens and dozens of new features, so it's less of an update than an entire renovation. Some of the main selling points have been features like the Face Unlock facial recognition security feature and the (now cancelled by Verizon) option to use Google Wallet to turn your device into a debit card

Hope Turns to Cash in Silicon Alley

This December, Santa may well deliver more than just candy or coal to the entrepreneurs of Silicon Alley startups. If 2011 has been any indication, more money than ever before is being dumped into the coffers of New York-based high tech firms. For example, consider the following deals that have just happened:

Pincus Makes Power Play with Zynga IPO

For years, a group of about 20 guys would gather in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park or the neighboring Presidio Park for weekend games of soccer. Among them was a man whose 5-foot 6-inch stature belied his ruthless competitiveness and who was usually accompanied by his American bulldog, Zinga.

Rats Free Friends: New Study Reveals Empathy, Compassion in Rodents

A new University of Chicago study shows that rats demonstrate compassion for fellow rodent friends when one of them is trapped, even when they themselves are free and were offered food for ignoring their captured companions. The experiments present compelling evidence for rodent empathy, going against the idea that rats are greedy and selfish.

Eddie Murphy Not Dead: 10 More Celebrity Death Hoaxes [PHOTOS]

Actor Eddie Murphy was reported dead on Dec. 6, 2011 by Global Associated News from a snowboarding accident. The fake news site conned many into believing the actor had died, prompting trends like Eddie Murphy RIP on Twitter. From Russell Crowe to Justin Bieber, here are ten more celebrity death hoaxes fueled by Global Associated News and others.

Old Media Executives Too Busy, Private for Twitter

Twitter gives an instant snapshot of the buzz around television shows, computer game launches and even new ads, but many media executives are simply too busy to tweet or engage with the microblogging service very much themselves.


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Don Harman's Death Rocks Kansas City's Fox 4 After Suicide [VIDEO]

Watch a tribute to the meteorologist by his Fox 4 colleagues, as those at WDAF and rival stations cope with the loss of one of Kansas City's most beloved newscasters. Fox 4 delayed reporting Harman's death while it tried to reach his father, but as the news leaked, broadcasters found themselves struggling to balance personal feelings with professionalism.
Identity Shift

'Identity Shift' Book Claims Users' Willingness to Share Info Online Based on Trust

The Federal Trade Commission announced Tuesday that Facebook will settle over privacy disputes. Commissioned by Alcatel-Lucent, Allison Cerra and Christina James set out in Identity Shift: Where Identity Meets Technology in the Networked-Community Age to understand how users construct their virtual identity and how much information consumers are willing to share with companies online.
Customers shop at Macy's department store in New York

Black Friday Draws Crowds, but Spending in Doubt

Retailers were hoping for more shoppers like Shawn Elzia as the annual Black Friday bargain stampede marked the unofficial start of what is widely expected to be a middling holiday shopping season.