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black hole jet

Magnetic Field Around Black Hole Much Weaker Than Estimated

An international team of astronomers have measured the precise magnetic field properties close to a black hole in our own Milky Way galaxy and what they found might change everything we know about these mysterious phenomenon in space.
Dawn craft

NASA Extends Dawn Mission To Study Ceres

NASA has extended the Dawn mission to 2018 to study Ceres up-close. The space probe hopes to capture the celestial event, which will help us understand the atmosphere around the dwarf planet.
Mars Aurora

A Whole-Planet Aurora On Mars

A strong solar storm hit the red planet in the second week of September, and caused a global aurora that covered all of Mars.
Earth Formation

Earth, Mars Formed In Similar Way

Other than accretion, the process involved collisions between planetary bodies, vaporized rock and the resulting silicate atmospheres.


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