The sun holds many mysteries, like why its corona is hotter than its surface. But there is one thing researchers know about the star at the center of the solar system: what it sounds like.

A video clip from the Science Channel’s show "How The Universe Works" has been making the rounds on Twitter, promising the sound of the sun. But Twitter users have taken the liberty of tweaking the video a little bit.

The clip from the show says, "NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory listens to the sun. The sound it picks up is too deep for humans to hear but if you speed up 40 days recording into a few seconds, this is what you get": Then, something that is definitely not the sound of the sun plays, for example, Britney Spears’ song, "Toxic."

Or Ariana Grande.

Or Beyonce.

Some Twitter users were disappointed though and had actually been hoping to hear the actual sound the sun makes.

The actual full clip of the show does have the real sound that the sun makes. It had a deep sort of humming noise. The narrator in the clip says, “It’s the sound, of chaos.”

The sound is actually key information for scientists because there is so little available information about the surface and the inside of the sun. The sound can reveal information like the material coming from inside of the sun and where it moves.

So the sun doesn’t actually sound like the latest pop hits but rather it has a fairly neutral low noise that could serve as nice background noise.