A UFO expert claimed that one of NASA’s satellites was able to capture a massive cube-shaped alien vessel flying near the Sun. The expert estimated that the strange object could be about as big as Earth.

Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily spotted the mysterious object as he was going through the photos taken by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). This satellite was officially launched by NASA in 1995 with the main goal of observing the Sun.

As Waring was going through SOHO’s gallery, he came across a couple of images that caught his attention. According to Waring, many of these images featured a cube-like object hovering near the Sun.

At first, Waring thought that the cube object, which appeared black, was caused by an imaging glitch in NASA or SOHO’s software. However, as Waring noted, the same object appeared in other photos taken by the satellite. He also noted that it is possible that NASA tried to edit out an object from the photos.

“I found what looked like a mistake in the photo, but looks more like a black cube that is in orbit around our Sun,” Waring wrote on a blog post. “Sure, one photo mistake right? Wrong, NASA and SOHO have the most advanced telescopic equipment available. For a cube to be missing from the photo either it was cut out by NASA to hide something or...it is a cube flying in orbit around the sun? Crazy, I think not.”

Waring concluded that the object in the photos is an actual alien vessel. Using the Sun as a reference, he estimated that the object could be about as big as Earth.

This isn’t the first time that Waring spotted a strange object flying near the giant star in NASA’s photos. Due to these sightings, the UFO expert speculated that these objects could be Dyson vessels.

These vessels, more commonly known as Dyson spheres, are hypothetical megastructures in space that absorb a star’s energy to maintain its operations. The concept of a Dyson sphere is often used to explain how spacefaring civilizations can survive long periods of time in space.