Through a recent NASA video, a UFO expert has spotted a large strange object as big as Jupiter flying out of the Sun. This marks the second time a massive UFO was seen exiting the giant star this month.

The recent footage of the Sun was captured by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) a spacecraft that’s part of a joint project by NASA and the European Space Agency.

According to self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott Waring of ET Data Base, the video clearly shows a large unidentified object flying out of the Sun. Since the object only appeared for a split-second before completely disappearing, Waring speculated that it may have the ability to travel at light speed.

Based on its size compared to that of the Sun, the UFO appears to be as big as Jupiter. Also, through video editing software, Waring was able to uncover a strange characteristic of the UFO.

In the video he shared, he manipulated the color scheme of the footage by viewing it under its negative format. This showed that the object had a very solid body. Also, its color was very different to that of the Sun.

Waring pointed out that since the object came out of the star, it should be at least as hot as the Sun, which should have been reflected in its color scheme. However, the negative format of the video indicated that the object was not affected by the Sun’s high temperature, which suggests that it may have temperature-regulating capabilities.

The massive object was the latest UFO spotted by Waring coming out of the Sun. Earlier this month, he shared another video taken by SOHO of an object coming out of the star. According to Waring, the object in the footage was about four to six times larger than Earth.

For Waring, the footages of UFOs entering and exiting the Sun prove that the massive star is hollow. As a believer of the Hollow Sun Theory, Waring thinks that instead of having a core in its center, the Sun actually houses an entire solar system inhabited by different alien planets. He believes these beings can enter and exit the Sun through a giant door-like opening on its surface.

This photograph of the sun, taken Dec. 19, 1973, during the third and final manned Skylab mission (Skylab 4), shows one of the most spectacular solar flares ever recorded, spanning more than 588,000 kilometers (365,000 miles) across the solar surface. NASA