A UFO researcher claims that there’s an enormous UFO seen hovering near the surface of the Earth’s sun.

Prominent UFO hunter and self-titled astrobiologist Scott Waring posted another entry on the ET Database claiming to have found a very large evidence of the existence of UFOs somewhere in space. He said he found it while looking at the sun through the SOHO/NASA helioviewer.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Waring explained that as he was looking at a video of the sun, he noticed something strange. He said he was looking at a video that was taken over a two-day period. The helioviewer showed photos, each taken every 15 minutes, in succession as if it was a real video.

Waring said he noticed that there’s a triangle-shaped object the size of the Earth’s moon. This object is a black object shaped like a triangle. He claimed that this is a triangle shaped UFO that’s just “hovering” near the surface of the sun. It’s not touching the surface, he said, but it’s right above the surface of the sun, and “it’s as close as it gets without going under.”

Waring claimed that since the triangle UFO is black and is not glowing from the heat of the sun, it’s likely that it is “immune to the heat” and is capable of “staying cold” even if it was very close to the sun. Further, Waring said it might have been there intentionally as it “sent out” an “orb” to collect something “like energy or something.”

The UFO enthusiast also claimed that this UFO, which is the size of the moon, can cause something dangerous to happen. He said “anything the ship does can cause a solar explosion that can wipe out the planet” Earth. He also pointed out that the UFO was able to cause an explosion somewhere near its vicinity.


This isn’t the first time Waring made such claims of UFOs and alien life inside and outside the Earth. Recently, he claimed that “UFO fleets” disguised as orbs were seen flying above Russia and somewhere in Missouri. He also claimed to have seen alien bases in planet Mercury, Mars, and the Earth’s moon.

NASA Mars sun set
On May 19th, 2005, NASA Mars Exploration Rover Spirit captured this stunning view as the Sun sank below the rim of Gusev crater on Mars. This Panoramic Camera Pancam mosaic was taken around 6:07 in the evening of the rover 489th martian day. NASA/JPL/Texas A&M/Cornell