A UFO expert claimed that NASA and the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) captured images of several UFOs flying out of the Sun. Based on the images, some of the UFOs appeared to be flying in formation.

SOHO was officially launched in 1995 as a joint project between NASA and the ESA. Ever since its launch, SOHO has been providing vital data and images of the Sun’s various solar activities.

In one of the images shared through SOHO’s Helioviewer website, strange objects can be seen flying away from the Sun. Scott Waring of the UFO-focused blog ET Data Base noted that one of the objects even flew past the SOHO satellite.

According to Waring, the object appeared larger than the other UFOs in the photo because it was closer to the satellite. In addition, based on the image, the object does not appear to be a solar flare due to its geometric shape.

Waring also spotted other objects flying near the Sun. Unlike the UFO that flew close to the SOHO satellite, the other objects were not alone and appeared to be flying in formation.

As seen in the photo shared by Waring, the UFO’s flew in groups of two. They also followed a linear path away from the Sun.

Waring’s recent discovery looks almost exactly the same as the UFO sighting spotted by a YouTube user named Streetcap1 around three years ago. The video shared by Streetcap1 showed images captured by NASA’s Stereo Ahead COR 2 satellite.

The photos showed an eerie image of UFOs flying in tight formations around the Sun. Some of the objects were flying in groups of threes while others were in clusters of fours. They almost looked like a fleet of military vessels flying in formation.

The objects spotted by Streetcap1 and Waring could be related to each other especially since they were seen near the Sun. Many UFO enthusiasts believe that the Sun is a massive hollow object that houses alien planets and even entire solar systems. They believe the beings that live inside the Sun enter and leave through an opening on the giant star’s surface.

Solar material that reaches Earth, such as after a solar flare like this one, can disturb our planet’s magnetic fields. NASA