A UFO enthusiast claims to have seen “plankton” in space, specifically just outside the international space station that’s orbiting the Earth.

Renowned conspiracy theorist and self-titled UFO research Scott Waring claims that there’s life outside Earth in the form of huge algae-based sea plankton visible to the cameras in the international space station.

In an entry on the ET Database, Waring claimed that these sea plankton are “slow moving” because they are algae based. They exist and thrive there because, he claimed, they are able to feed off the sun’s energy by using it to “turn carbon dioxide into sugars which equals food for them.” He added that these plankton thrive and grow big on the glass of the ISS because of the abundance of the sunlight there.


In a video he uploaded to YouTube, Waring explained that the presence of these plankton in the ISS is proof that the claims made by certain Russians years ago are true. At the time, he said, the Russian cosmonauts who were at the ISS found huge plankton right there outside the ISS as they were doing something.

Indeed, there was a controversy about the said plankton in 2014. According to Space.com, cosmonauts allegedly found small amounts of sea plankton and other small organisms on the outside of the ISS. This claim came from a news report citing a certain space station official named Vladimir Solovyov. NASA, however, didn’t confirm that report.

"As far as we're concerned, we haven't heard any official reports from our Roscosmos colleagues that they've found sea plankton," Dan Huot, a spokesman for NASA, said at the time. Roscosmos is Russia’s space agency.

Huot explained that indeed, the cosmonauts took samples from one of the windows found in the Russian segment of the ISS, but these cosmonauts were not looking for lifeforms. They were looking for residues that could possibly build up on the visually sensitive elements on the ISS, such as windows, and things that could build up on the hull.

“I don't know where all the sea plankton talk is coming from," Huot said.

Another false alarm?

Well, this isn’t the first claim Waring made about things in outer space. He also claimed to have seen an “alien base” on Mars shaped like a pie pan (it’s just a rock), “alien structures” on the moon (looks like McDonalds’ logo) and UFOs on Earth (that are simply lenticular clouds).

This is a real plankton. Pixabay/ FotoshopTofs