The United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA) announced Friday that about 9,100 pounds of tamales imported from Mexico by the Yakima, Washington-based Los Hernandez are being recalled.

The USDA's Food Inspection and Safety Service (FSIS) said that these chicken and pork tamales were not checked at the U.S. border.

The FSIS said that the tamales were produced between Dec. 3, 2018, through Feb. 7, and were in 30-pound boxes, labeled "Los Hernandez Pork Tamales Handmade" and "Los Hernandez Chicken Tamales Handmade."

The tamales were sold by Los Hernandez LLC between December and May 1.

Although there have not been reports that the tamales have caused any adverse reactions in consumers, the FSIS is concerned that "the product may be in consumer's freezers." The FSIS urges consumers not to eat the tamales and to throw them away.

A tamale is a traditional Mexican dish where meats, cheeses and other fillings are wrapped in a corn husk or banana leaf.