• Taylor Swift feels really excited about turning 30
  • Being 30 will help her in improving relationship with body positivity
  • The "Bad Blood" hitmaker can now choose to work whenever she wants

Taylor Swift has revealed that she is really excited about approaching her thirties since she is looking forward to living her life with a healthier outlook.

Speaking with British Vogue, the 29-year-old musician, who will celebrate her 30th birthday on Dec. 13, shared that she feels a “bit” more secure as she approaches the number and hopes that her age will now help in improving her relationship with body positivity. 

The “Bad Blood” hitmaker noted that she has heard a lot of “good things” about being thirty and explained that she feels a bit more secure now. The songstress further added that her age has really encouraged and helped her in coping with all the “toxic messages” she used to get about her body.

The “You Need To Calm Down” hitmaker also shed light on the pressure she used to get from the society about her body and believes that she needs to feel healthy.

“I am a woman, I am not a coat hanger. I need to feel healthy in my life, and I need to take pleasure in food, and I need to not use my body as an exercise of control when I feel out of control in my life,” Swift said.

The comments made by Swift come a few days after she praised British actress Jameela Jamil for being an advocate of body neutrality. The songstress told the publication that there are certain parts of her brain that she doesn’t visit as often, like stressing about her body.

During the latest interview, the “Gorgeous” singer also stated that she’ll make sure that the next decade manages to bring her more freedom with her music. She feels relaxed now while approaching the milestone and believes that now she can choose the things she wants to work on.

The ten-time Grammy-winning artist also opened up about how she felt while doing hundreds of shows in a year at such a young age.

“There were times when I played hundreds of shows in a year and I was like 17-years-old. I would get exhausted and burnt out and now I can work the amount I know I am capable of handling,” Swift said.

In related news, a new documentary on Swift’s life is heading to Netflix next year. In a press release obtained by  E! News, the streaming giant announced that an original documentary, entitled “Taylor Swift: Miss Americana,” will be streaming live on its platform in the first half of 2020.

The documentary, which is directed by Lana Wilson, will be available on Netflix after having its premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in January.

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift won two Billboard Awards. The singer is pictured posing in the Press Room during the Billboard Music Awards on May 20, 2018 in Las Vegas. Photo: Lisa O’ Connor/AFP/Getty Images