Taylor Swift is facing a lawsuit after she allegedly failed to return a multimillion-dollar paycheck for a gig in Canada for where she failed to show.

TMZ reports that the singer was slated to perform at the Capital Hoedown in Ottawa in August. After the show was canceled, patrons were refunded a total of $1.8 million, while Swift reportedly kept the $2.5 million she was paid up front.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, FIRE USA Inc., a Florida-based company that handled tickets for the show, filed suit in a New York court last month, claiming that "Swift and/or through her agent Messina refused to perform and/or reschedule a new appearance,” which “amounted to a breach” of the contract that was supposedly agreed upon in October 2011.

FIRE’s suit comes after the company was sued by a New York-based credit card payment processing company, Evo Merchant Services, for $1.8 million in losses from the concert, which was canceled due to organizational problems. FIRE is in turn suing Swift, in order to recover the funds to pay Evo, according to the Citizen.

The newspaper detailed that Swift received a non-refundable deposit of $250,000 from the event’s organizer, Denis Benoit, in October 2011, and an additional $2.2 million in December.

According to TMZ, FIRE is requesting that Swift use a portion of the money she received for the festival to refund the $1.8 million.

A rep for Swift told the gossip website that the singer never made a deal with the ticket company and has not seen the suit.