Jennifer Vigil has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a student. Moral Low Ground

Jennifer Vigil, a 31-year-old married teacher at Pojoaque Valley High School in Santa Fe, N.M., has been arrested after allegedly raping a student back in March.

The student claims Vigil forced herself on him and gave him oral sex.

She has been married since July 2009 and taught science at the high school for the past eight years.

He told police that Vigil said to him, “You're not leaving until I get something from you,” before continuing, “So why don’t you just give [it] to me and I’ll leave." The student allegedly replied, “No, that’s disgusting. You’re a teacher.” She then locked the classroom door, and the student said he let her perform a sex act on him, believing it was the only way to leave.

The student said he would not have consensual sex with his teacher as he found the idea of sex with her as “disgusting.”

Vigil, however, told police that the student initiated sex with her on more than one occasion last month.

“In her position of authority, it’s prohibited to engage in any type of sex activity with a student regardless of whether it’s consensual or not,” Sheriff's Major Ken Johnson said, according to the Daily Mail.

She is now on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation and faces two counts of criminal sexual penetration. Vigil is being held on $25,000 bond.