Daniel Reilly, a middle school teacher in Queens, was arrested on rape charges Monday for engaging in a sexual relationship with a former student.

The unidentified girl was 13 years old when the 8-month relationship began, police say. It began in November and allegedly lasted until April. Authorities were notified about the affair by the family of the girl. Reilly, who has no prior arrests, taught at I.S. 237 for five years, Department of Education spokesperson Marge Feinberg said, reports NBC.

He has not been fired, but rather reassigned, until the outcome of the investigation is known.

This is one of numerous teacher-student affairs that have been discovered in recent months.

Felicia Barahona, a 32-year-old former teacher at DeWitt Clinton High School in New York City's Bronx, gave birth to a student’s child after a sexual relationship last month.

Barahona, who taught science and also is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, had sex with the student for four months at her home, the Daily News reports. She began the relationship when the boy turned 18 years old in the fall of 2011.

In February, LaShawn Simmons, a middle school teacher at Houston, Texas' Beverly Hills Intermediate School, has resigned and is facing criminal charges after allegedly having sex with four students.

Parents found explicit text messages and nude photos from the 41-year-old teacher that she sent to the middle school children. When faced with the scandal, Simmons resigned from her teaching position, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Also in February, Kelly McKenzy Watson, a 34-year-old San Diego area teacher, was arrested after it was found that she was pregnant with her 17-year-old special needs student’s baby.

The student attended the New Haven Youth and Family Services in Vista, Calif., which works with emotionally disturbed boys. Watson started dating the boy while working there between September 2010 and August 2011.