Google has just released a teaser that features the Google Pixel 6 showcasing the 'Material You,' a day after the company dropped the final Android 12 beta version.

The teaser video surfaced on the internet on Sept. 9 and features the actual footage of the Google Pixel 6 in the real world. The video that runs for 30 seconds gave a more detailed look at the upcoming device. The clip ended with a note saying Pixel 6 will be coming in 2021 fall.

This is the first look at the Google Pixel 6 image in three dimensions. In August, Pixel lovers had a glimpse on the upcoming device when Google released the device’s first official images. However, the photos only render and are not real-world photographs.

Google also posted a Pixel 6 teaser on Instagram. "The Made by Google" Instagram account posted a photo captioned “Certified Pixel Lovers” that showcased various Material You Android 12 widgets.


Android Police suggests that Google Pixel 6 could be available for pre-order beginning Oct. 19. Google usually releases Pixels and other hardware in October, although, the company released the Pixel 5 a bit earlier in 2020. 

The teaser came a day after the company dropped its fifth Android 12 beta. Reports suggest that this could be the final release before the software is released to the public.

The Android 12 beta dropped on Sept. 8 is the fifth version since the program entered beta testing. However, Google did not use the name beta 5; instead, it was called the release candidate build.

Google previously announced that the Pixel 6 will be powered by Tensor, a Google-designed system on a chip (SoC). Tensor speeds up AI operations using a Tensor Processing Unit.

The Google Pixel 6 will come in a regular Pixel and a Pixel Pro version. The higher tier will come in three rear cameras with four times optical zoom folded telephoto lenses. The Pixel 6 Pro will feature a 6.7-inch 120Hz QHD+ curved display. Meanwhile, the regular Pixel 6 will not have a telephoto lens. It will feature a 90Hz FHD+ flat display, The Verge reported.

Google new smartphone, Pixel 6, to be released later this year, will be powered by a new proprietary chip Google new smartphone, Pixel 6, to be released later this year, will be powered by a new proprietary chip Photo: GOOGLE / Handout