Jenelle Evans
"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans was reportedly visited by Child Protective Services. The MTV reality star is pictured Sept. 15, 2015. Getty Images

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans has moved on with a new man since she broke up with Nathan Griffith, father of her youngest son, Kaiser, but it doesn’t mean the drama has ended. The MTV reality star directed some tweets at Griffith on Friday after it was rumored she had Child Protective Services (CPS) called on her.

She denied that her new beau, David Eason, is a convicted felon. “@GroundLevelUp for gods sake... For the last time David is not a felon lmfao,” she tweeted Friday.

Evans, 23, also discussed driving with their son, who is nicknamed Kai, without insurance. The background related to the tweets wasn’t clear, but it seems Evans cleared up the problem without help from her ex. “@GroundLevelUp its all good I got it all taken care of... Sorry if I was asking about the car I mean me and Kai are riding around with no insurance. I just got my own for us so thanks! I called the bank and see u have been paying. Kudos to u!” she said Friday.

Griffith did not immediately respond to Evans, but he reportedly hasn’t been making things easy for her. She went on a Carribean vacation with Eason and was met with CPS officials went she returned to her home in North Carolina, Radar Online wrote in an exclusive report Friday.

Griffith said he wasn’t informed she would be out of the country. “Nathan really bothers Jenelle,” an insider said. “He tried to ruin her trip, but it didn’t work!”

Of course, Evans was on vacation when CPS went to check on 1-year-old Kaiser, so they arranged a time to meet with the “Teen Mom 2” star when she returned. When they did get together with the young mother the visit went well. “The CPS lady told Jenelle and David that she thinks everything is okay and that Kaiser is perfectly fine,” the insider revealed.

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