Not only has “Teen Mom 2” star Jeremy Calvert moved on from ex-wife Leah Messer, he’s ready to make a new women Mrs. Jeremy Calvert. The West Virginia native shared a cryptic Instagram post where he hinted an engagement to girlfriend Brooke Wehr could be imminent.

“This beautiful, amazing woman has stole my heart,” he wrote Wednesday. “I love her you [sic] so so much baby doll, [two] more weeks and I damn sure can’t wait.” While the message seemed ordinary, it was the hashtag that gave things away. He wrote: “#GonnaPutARingOnIt.”

In fact, Jeremy called Brooke his wife last week. “My amazing ‘wife,’ my world, my everything, such a amazing mommy and such a strong woman,” he captioned a photo of his beloved. “I love this girl to the moon and back a few times.@bwehr10 I love you baby doll, your everything I've dreamed about.”


I sure miss you baby doll, I can't wait to come home to you and the girls. @bwehr10

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Even his daughter, Addie, who he shares with Leah, is a fan of Brooke. “ My babies I sure can't wait to get home and hold them for days and not let go I love you baby doll and so does addie,” he wrote Monday.

Leah hasn’t responded to Jeremy possibly getting married, but he wouldn’t be her only ex to move on. She shares two daughters with Corey Simms, who remarried to Miranda.

Even though they struggled in the past, the two have been co-parenting their 6-year-old twins, Aleeah and Ali, “extremely well” since they created a new schedule, Radar Online wrote in an exclusive report Thursday.

“They are on great terms,” an insider told Radar Online. “Both Leah and Corey are very happy with the new schedule.” Corey has the girls from Monday night until Thursday morning. He also gets them the second weekend of every month.

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