“Teen Wolf” Season 6 will be adding some fresh meat. Several new characters will be introduced to Scott’s pack when the MTV drama returns. A few students and a teacher will be new to the series, but it’s unclear who will be joining the pack and who will be attempting to destroy it. Check out who “Teen Wolf” fans will meet this year.

Nathan: This new lacrosse player will be portrayed by Ross Butler, The Wrap reported. Nathan doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but it’s safe to say his beliefs will be tested in “Teen Wolf” Season 6.

Garrett Douglas: Beacon Hills High School will have a new teacher, Mr. Douglas, played by Pete Ploszek. Deadline reported he is “a charming, handsome young new teacher, the kind everyone has a crush on.” He sounds great, but let’s not forget that this school has a terrible track record with teachers.

Jayden: Gabrielle Elyse will play a new student at Beacon Hills. It isn’t clear how involved her character will be, but Teen Wolf News obtained a call sheet in which the Nickelodeon actress’ role was revealed.

Gwen: Again, there isn’t too much information around on this character. Actress Alisha Hienvich’s role was announced by her agent on Twitter. Considering how young she looks, it appears she’ll likely also be a high school student.

While “Teen Wolf” is adding plenty of new blood, don’t expect any celebrities. Although there were rumors that Harry Styles of One Direction would be featured in Season 6, Digital Spy confirmed the speculation was false.

There will also be a pack member missing when the new season premieres. Arden Cho announced she would not return to “Teen Wolf” shortly after the Season 5 finale aired. “Sometimes in a show where there’s so many characters, there isn’t always room for everyone and everyone’s storylines, so I guess that was it,” Cho said in a vlog. “I do wish we would’ve developed a little bit more of her powers and the skinwalkers and just — there would’ve been more of like an epic ending, but you never know with ‘Teen Wolf.’ People might come back. It is what it is.”

MTV has not yet announced a premiere date for “Teen Wolf” Season 6.