• Tencent is the exclusive distributor of Nintendo Switch in China since 2019
  • The Chinese tech titan is rumored to launch its own handheld gaming console
  • The Tencent gaming console sports a design that resembles a lot like Nintendo Switch

Tencent is reportedly planning to introduce its very own handheld gaming console, evidenced by a recently spotted patent. The Chinese tech conglomerate is also believed working with One Netbook on another handheld gaming device called One XPlayer.

Tencent is apparently into the handheld gaming console segment, according to recent reports. The Chinese tech titan has recently published a new patent for a PC video games console that looks like the Nintendo Switch and AYA Neo handheld. The patent filed in October 2020 reveals a Windows-operated handheld gaming device without removable controllers but fused with a D-pad.

Chinese tech giant Tencent is aiming for a major expansion of its streaming video presence in Asia Chinese tech giant Tencent is aiming for a major expansion of its streaming video presence in Asia Photo: AFP / PHILIPPE LOPEZ

Since the Tencent gaming console does not include removable controllers, it has a kickstand on the back, similar to that of Nintendo Switch. The patent also mentions the use of PC-level hardware. A Windows button can be seen beneath the D-pad. Additionally, the back of the handheld gaming console bears the words, "for PC console gamer." 

The images shown in the patent also reveal that the Tencent gaming console uses a Type-C interface.  The device's overall look suggests that it is designed with portability in mind.

Meanwhile, Tencent is reportedly working with One Netbook on another handheld gaming device called One XPlayer. The Chinese PC maker earlier announced that it is scheduled to hold an internal device test meeting at a Tencent building in Shenzen on March 28.

The One XPlayer handheld gaming console looks like the recently discovered Tencent gaming console. It also runs on Windows, just like the rumored gaming console from Tencent. Based on a recent teaser, the device features a touchscreen display in the center and a fixed controller on both sides. The device packs the Intel Tiger Lake processor with a 1920 x 1200 pixels and 8.4-inches display.

The patent does not guarantee that Tencent would indeed release the product in the market. The tech giant filed several gaming hardware patents since 2016, but those never saw commercial release.

However, considering the recent success of Nintendo's hybrid console in China, it is not surprising to see the Tencent handheld gaming console make its way to the market.