• Nintendo is dominating the gaming console market
  • There are rumors that it will try to maintain the market dominance this year
  • To do this, the company will reportedly launch the new Nintendo Switch Pro

There have been rumors that Japanese gaming giant Nintendo is preparing to announce a new and more powerful Switch Pro. Though the company has denied the claims, some recent developments apparently hint that the improved hybrid console model is indeed in development.

A recent announcement from Samsung about its plans for OLED screens lines up with the rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro and its components, Gamerant reported. The site points out that the South Korean tech and electronics giant launched a new brand for its OLED products last January. The company also discussed the kind of products and devices it was planning to use in its new OLED, which included video game consoles.

The announcement aligns with a recent report from Bloomberg suggesting that Nintendo would try to maintain its market dominance this holiday season by launching a new Switch model. Quoting sources familiar with the company's plans, the report said the rumored console would feature a 7-inch, 720p Samsung OLED screen.

Nintendo Switch. BestBuy

Nvidia is also stopping the production of the System on Chip ( SoC ), which powers Nintendo Switch, this year, Gamereactor reported, citing a source. Both the regular and Switch Lite models house the latest version of the Nvidia Tegra X1 Mariko.

Interestingly, this claim backs the rumor going around various forums and social media platforms about the imminent launch of Nintendo Switch Pro this year. Reliable industry insider NateDrake earlier said that fans could expect "some select exclusives, especially from third-party partners. May not be a big number of them, but I know of at least one." Another insider Imran Khan shared on ResetEra that fans can "expect this thing to be primarily for FPS boosts and resolutions, not a Switch 2. Think more Pro than Super," adding that "there's enough people with dev kits."

Nintendo's global president, Shuntaro Furukawa, said in February that the company will not make a new console announcement soon. Last year, the executive outrightly denied that a new Nintendo Switch will be released in 2020.